Friday, January 31, 2020

Preparing to Paint by Creating Color Charts

I'm getting ready to start a new series of Whimsical bathing suit paintings for the spring. My first step is to prepare several sketches and ideas and then list the paintings I intend to do. Next I decide on color schemes and finally sizes. I find it easier to have a color chart in front of me when choosing colors, so, here it is. Can't wait to apply the colors to my sketches. Look for a new series of Whimsical Vintage Bathing suits this spring!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Gift of Art- Holiday Painting Swap

For the past 3 years it has been a pleasure to host the holiday painting swap for my Painting Challenge Group, The Mavens.  Each artist paints a 6x6 painting and we pick names from a hat to see which artist's painting we will be taking home. Here are the artists and their gifts.

Shelley O'Brien holding a Lauren Falls
Deb Corbett holding a Marylou Waterman

Lisa Tiemann holding a Jeana McNeil

Lauren Falls holding a Deb Corbett

Marylou Waterman holding an Ellen Rolli

Jeana McNeil holding a Shelley O'Brien

Rosalie Sadowski holding a Nancy Roll

Nancy Roll holding a Sue Dragoo Lembo

Sam holding a Lisa Tiemann

Ellen Rolli holding a Rosalie Sadowski