Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Media Mavens March Challenge- New Tools, New Mediums

This month the Mavens decided to really challenge themselves by creating their work with a tool or medium they normally do not use. The results were fascinating. What an adventurous group!
Rosalie Sadowski (thinking ouside the box)

Lisa Tiemann (tissue paper, collage)

Lauren Falls (Working on a toned canvas)

Deb Corbett (white line cut)

Lynn Dodge (incorporating palette knife)

Ellen Rolli (Professional Crayon sticks)

Shelley O'Brien (palette knife)

Sue Dragoo Lembo (acrylic and rubbing alchohol)

Lorrie DiCesare (painting with your fingers)

Marylou Waterman (palette knife)

Nancy Roll (palette knife)

Nancy Roll (using a tinted viewfinder)