Friday, December 15, 2017

Alcohol (Inks that is) with the Braintree Girls

This weekend we celebrated another "Girls" xmas party. As we've got older, the alcohol now comes in the form of art supplies. Alcohol inks that is.  Check out the fabulous paintings below.  Just goes to prove there is an artist in all of us.

Media Mavens Holiday Painting Swap!

This year the Media Mavens decided to gift a painting to each other. We put numbers on all the wrapped paintings and then picked a number out of a hat which matched us to our beautiful gifts.

Deb Corbett with painting by Sue Dragoo Lembo
Sue Dragoo Lembo with painting by Lisa Tiemann

Lisa Tiemann with painting by Rosalie Sadowski
Rosalie Sadowski with painting by Sam Gilbert
Sam Gilbert with painting by Ellen Rolli
Ellen Rolli with painting by Shelley O'Brien

Shelley O'Brien with painting by Lorrie DiCesare

Lorrie DiCesare with painting by Deb Corbett

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Sue Dragoo Lembo 8x8

Deb Corbett  12x12

Ellen Rolli 8x10

Lorrie DiCesare 6x6

Rosalie Sadowski

Rosalie Sadowski

Shelley O'Brien 6x6

Shelley O'Brien 6x6

Nancy Roll